Chalking out a Personal Career Development Roadmap in light of AI and Robotics workforce

Sandhya Bhat

Every other day, we hear about robots being introduced to our workforce in a new and improved capacity. These are exciting times, where we can expect prompt and accurate service at a lower price. However, it is important to fully evaluate the impact of robotic workforce.

What does this all mean for you, as an employee or contractor?

First, ask yourself if you are doing a job that can be automated. Although it may seem cruel and inhumane, we are at a point in technology evolution when such honest self-talk is essential. It will help you distinguish between those who are prepared and ready to face changes in your work environment and those who aren't and get swept away by the AI tsunami.

Let's suppose you have a job that can be replaced by artificial intelligence. You should consider other career options. It isn't always that easy for everyone, but I understand. People who have already been working two jobs and caring for their families may not have the time or money to pursue career-advancing courses. Wait a minute! Your horse is being put before yours.

First, you will need a personal career roadmap. Next, you need to put into actionable steps. This is where you can reflect on and integrate the reality of your situation.

These are the questions you should ask yourself in order to create your personal strategic roadmap.

1. Can you be replaced? Is it possible to have your work done by another person? Is it possible to have your work done by a computer-programmed machine?

2. Are you passionate about what you do? Or is it a way to make a living and provide for your lifestyle and needs?

3. Are there any other skills that you are likely to have which you might be able to monetize? E.g. You could be a great cook, a passionate writer, or a hidden fashionista who is always admired because of the way you put together your work clothes.

These questions will help you to understand your core competencies and make you a better employee. These skills could be related to your current area of expertise, or they could be new. This will require passion and determination, which is not replaceable.

You will be inspired and motivated to work in your chosen field. It will also motivate you to create a better career path. You will be motivated and more self-confident when you see tangible results. This is only the first step in "knowing yourself". The key questions are 'What & Why.

About the author: Sandhya Bhat MSc, CSSMBB, CSSE has developed several new and enhanced existing strategic methodologies to improve technology and human capital utilization, produce greater ROI on investments and streamline service delivery. She is an acclaimed author, speaker, a sought after thought leader and an avid world traveler.