Five ways in which you can tell your employees- you 'value' them...

If there are two words that best describe the workplaces today, these are understaffed and underpaid. Given the ever-burgeoning operational expenses, not all firms are able to hire additional workers and raise the salaries of current ones.​ These scenarios make providing incentives increasingly important otherwise the firm will risk losing its valued employees. ​

Here are the 5 things that you, as the business owner, manager or supervisor, can do to make your employees feel valued...

1) Offering telecommuting and flex-schedule options

If some of the works can be done at home, then by all means, let your workers work at home for a day or two provided that they will constantly communicate with their direct superiors during work hours. Your employees will definitely love the idea. This saves not only time, but also a lot of money from travel expenses among others.

2) Making unscheduled thank you-s

Sometimes, a simple ‘thank you’ will do. Most of the employees, if not all, just want to feel appreciated. However, most of them do not appreciate expected thanks you-s like during performance-based awarding. So, make them feel special by thanking them whenever the opportunity arises. Unscheduled thank you-s appear more genuine and sincere.

3) Mentioning positive actions

Regardless of the medium that you will use, the idea is to regard an achievement positively. This only takes a minute. For instance, you may stop what your employees are doing and tell them that Employee X has done a superb job in closing a deal. His or her co-employees will be happy to know this, and Employee X will receive praises from the group other than yours.

4) Hosting happy hours

Small occasions need not be lavish. You may conduct an unexpected happy hour at the office wherein you and your employees may feast on pizza and beer especially after a tiring day’s work. Of course, you can always conduct a scheduled happy hour so that your employees will have something to anticipate on a particular date.

5) Giving personal perks

Surprise your best-performing employees with their choice of gift. For instance, you may have a small ‘gift wall’ where they will put their preferred gifts. You may set a price limit. Place them on the employee’s desk before he or she arrives. This will motivate them to do well at work while having something to hope for when they do.

Evidently, making your employees feel valued is not all about money. There are many ways to let them know what you care, they are appreciated, and you want them to stay.