Here are 5 techniques that you can use to resolve workplace conflicts

No matter where you live or work, conflicts are bound to occur. Conflicts are often caused by different expectations, values and personalities. You need to know how to deal with conflicts before they escalate. One of these techniques can help you resolve conflict.

1. Keep Calm

A common way for conflict to begin is through escalation. This tends to be caused by anger or pain. People often stop listening or understanding when they get upset. They want the other person to stop speaking so that they can respond in anger. Keep the big picture in your mind and keep calm. It is possible to remain calm by focusing on the fact the conflict will eventually end. It is important to recognize where we are coming form and remember that other parties may be going through something that we don't know.

2. Listen, but don't stop there. Try to understand

As we have already mentioned, most people wait for the other side to speak so they can have their say. It is very difficult to listen. You might be able understand the problem better if you pay attention to the words and delivery. Sometimes people are angry, sometimes there is logic involved. Listening and trying to understand the situation will give you insight.

3. Don't raise your voice, improve your argument

Sometimes it can be tempting to just let go of everything when you are in the middle a conflict, but this will not solve the problem. Everybody has their opinion. Being able to share yours will make the situation better. Be open to admitting your mistakes and being able to explain how you see the situation (in a respectful manner). To resolve conflict without hurt feelings, you must have strong arguments and opinions while being open to adjustment or change.

4. Keep your eyes on the good stuff

It's better to be positive about someone or to relate to them than to judge.

5. Keep your eyes on the future

Remember that the conflict will be resolved and that you must keep your cool. This will reflect on you down the road.