How do we define a 'Thought Leader'?- who is a Thought Leader?

Are you familiar with the term "thought leader"? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear it? Are you a thought leader? Not everyone can be a thought leader. A thought leader is an individual or company that is recognized as an authority in a specific field or discipline. Thought leaders are often highly valued for their efforts, innovations and expertise and are often handsomely rewarded.

Joel Kurtzman was the first to use this term to describe interviewees whose ideas were worthy of public attention in 1994. Kurtzman was editor-in-chief for Booz Allen Hamilton, a business magazine. The term was eventually used to describe leaders, regardless of their field or purpose. The term is best used to describe people and organizations who are very successful in their chosen field.

The consensus today is that if you are considered a thought leader, you can or have already made significant positive changes in your field and become a go-to person. Thought leaders get high salaries for this work, especially if you consider the commercial aspect of thought leadership. This allows us to define thought leaders as individuals or companies that make a profit being thought leaders.

Let us take, for example, the case of an accounting company that specializes in tax law. A new law is available that explains how to depreciate certain corporate assets. This firm must develop strategies, policies, and techniques to be a thought leader rather than simply regurgitating existing law. It is important for the firm to have open discussions with clients and partners about how this law will affect the firm's operations and the clients they serve.

Tax accountants should have unique insights and actionable strategies to help them be thought leaders. He or she should make recommendations that are beneficial to the businesses. Public communication must be made by the firm and its accountants that they are the "go-to" firm for depreciation information. Any thought leader must communicate this using structured methods. It is crucial that both the individual tax accountants as well as the whole accounting firm monetize their thinking.

Thought leadership is not just about making money from 'thinking'. It will all happen eventually. It is only natural that a thought leader will be successful if they are knowledgeable in their field and willing to share that knowledge with others.

A 'Thought leader' is someone who makes a difference in their field. This involves sharing your knowledge with others, and setting new standards and working methods. Many thought-leaders have made history and become game changers in their fields.