Simple 3-Step Plan to Break Out of a Clique-Organizational Culture

There are many organizations, where employees resist providing clear and detailed information about their work. This usually stems from their belief that if they are the only ones knowing about certain critical work item, then it will secure their position within the team.

This is extremely detrimental to the organization, not just from Business Continuity standpoint, but also by creating a toxic work culture! Lack of information causes further confusion, stress, and delays in scheduled timelines! This creates lot of waste which not only consumes operational budget but can also cost the organization in diminished output and lost revenue.

Simple 3-Step Plan to Break Out of a Clique-Organizational Culture: ​

  1. Reward team workmanship with special recognition.

  2. Make proactive attempts to break internal cliques and ‘corporate gangs’. Deter such behavior by calling out bad practices and where required, follow-up with strict warnings and even disciplinary action.

  3. Make process and procedural documentation, a mandatory work activity. Provide clear directive on how they can complete this work along with realistic timelines. Provide support and mentoring services (where required).

About the author: Sandhya Bhat MSc, CSSMBB, CSSE has developed several new and enhanced existing strategic methodologies to improve technology and human capital utilization, produce greater ROI on investments and streamline service delivery. She is an acclaimed author, speaker, a sought after thought leader and an avid world traveler.