Top Five Reasons Why Process Documentation Fails to Provide Value

Many organizations spend tens of thousands even millions to conduct detailed Process documentation, only to have them catch dust. Nobody seems to utilize them. There are several reasons why process documentation ventures can fail or at the very least not provide the full extent of their extensive benefits. Here are five key reasons…

Five Key Reasons Process Documentation Initiatives fail to maintain value:

  1. Processes are designed or documented in a very complex way. They cannot be easily followed by all teams (players) involved in carrying out the individual tasks.

  2. It is not clear on which position/group performs which task or action in the process.

  3. Process documentation is not maintained to reflect changes. (these could be organizational or specific to a particular activity).

  4. Process hierarchy is not understood. i.e. how does a specific process at an activity level fits into the bigger picture of what that particular team and Functional group performs- for e.g. process to indicate how Compassionate Care leave is processed needs to be linked with the bigger picture of how non-paid leaves are processed, which in turn needs to be linked to how employee benefits are assigned, evaluated and processed.

  5. Inconsistency in how processes are documented (and maintained) within different groups within a Functional area. ​

    In order to avoid these challenges and to truly utilize process documentation; it is very important to setup a Process Governance group along with Process Documentation activities, so that ongoing Process- related operational maintenance can be carried out in a strategized and structured manner.