Why do we find so much conflict in various groups and teams within an organization?

Everyone who has ever worked in a workplace knows the danger of conflict at any time. Conflicts in the workplace are mostly caused by personal interactions. We are constantly working with the same people, so we will have different ideas and experiences.

Conflict does happen and when managed properly can actually be a productive solution to some situations. It is most likely that during some point of your time in workplace, you will witness or be involved in a conflict. Therefore, it can be good to realize the reasons for conflict in order to bring on a desirable solution – instead of allowing it to make you a victim.

Conflicts can arise when personalities or values clash. This is true even outside of work. People can be hostile when they have different values and personalities. This not only hinders performances, but also leads to a loss of productivity and time.

The relationship between the employer and employee can also be a cause of conflict. Employees can have a negative view of their bosses due to jealousy, anger, or any other reason.

Miscommunication or inability to communicate is another reason for conflict at work. Everyone has their own way of communicating, some of it could be well received and at other times it is not received in its proper essence. Inability to communicate well can dampen productivity and make people in the workplace feel awkward or uncomfortable. It is important to remember that everyone has their unique way of dealing with things and this is not a reflection or judgement upon us as a person.

Not clearly understanding the policies or roles within a workplace can cause people to butt heads. For example, if two employees are both performing the same role and they feel like the other is stealing their responsibilities, even if neither is sure whom it was truly assigned to. This can cause people to interfere with the others work or find ways to stop them from performing the task.

Everybody has their limits when it comes to stress and pressure. Some people can get overwhelmed by a deadline, while others are able to handle it easily. Conflicts can arise when people react with anger or volatile temperament to pressures.

Also when one team member or a supervisor behaves in such a manner without consideration to other people's similar stressful situation or feelings, it can further aggravate the situation for all members! Such scenarios can easily deteriorate into more conflict... ultimately making it a toxic work atmosphere.